Our exclusive private gym is set in the grounds of the luxury Aston Wood golf club, Sutton Coldfield. 

Who are core 300?  

our history!

This is our third location. 

Core 300 Sutton much like our sister sites in Tamworth and Burton have an expert team with over 50 years experience between us leading the way in body transformations. 

We've grown fast over the last 3 years as what we do is unparalleled. Our level of service, commitment to you and your results is what separates us from anything else you've seen before. 

We've helped hundreds of people like you to completely change their bodies and fitness levels through our amazing and unique programming.  


How do we stand out from other gyms? Through our exclusive business model and programming. We offer coached group sessions with the best instructors, as well as a continued support system which includes regular goal setting, free seminars, days out, nutrition plans and tailored advice. All this ensures that you receive nothing but the highest quality of service and care.


Core 300 has one key mission, and that is to push and lead our members to achieve their goals and get to where they truly want to be in life.

Core 300 will provide a safe place to train and to help as many people as we can through our proven methods of coaching and leadership.

Core 300 is constantly improving and updating our facility, programs and level of service for our members.

Core 300 will always value our members above all else and always strive to be the place where they can come for an hour or two to work on their goals in a happy, safe and welcoming environment.

Core 300 believes that the secret to achieving success in fitness and health is a blend of strength and conditioning training combined with nutritional education, which is at the heart of our program.

Core 300 will always strive to be the best part of your day, every day.

JUST A FEW OF OUR results - WE HAVE 100's MORE! 


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